Independent artist 85 disegni matita su carta



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    Hey guys! I know this is probably annoying, but I recently started an art YouTube channel called Missy Gwen. I would love it if you would check it out. Thanks! Sorry for the self-promo 😂

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    Hey hope this doesnt annoy anyone but I have a board called art that you can join if you want, just request to join or reply saying you want to join and you can also follow me if you are intrested in my boards💛

  3. Posted by tiffanioxox, — Reply

    wait ok but.. how did the people who attempted this do it so well

  4. Posted by DesignStackco, — Reply

    They are there to make everybody else happy. Lovely drawing.🌿️🌺️🌿️

  5. Posted by Rileywithane, — Reply

    How is everyone drawing this so easily my god I’m trash at drawing

  6. Posted by ameliacarys, — Reply

    Clown sketch is amazing

  7. Posted by camek8514, — Reply

    i love that broooooo

  8. Posted by nawal38, — Reply

    It's really nice

  9. Posted by khendijones, — Reply

    Clown sketch

  10. Posted by usamainam2020, — Reply

    Wow amazing

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