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  1. Posted by SicilyHolland, — Reply

    this reminds me of my cat that died she was feral and didn’t let anyone but me touch her. when my parents pet her she would let them and then see that it wasn’t me and run away {edit} why do ppl keep liking this lmao my notifications are dead

  2. Posted by bkasimuneek, — Reply

    Look like it was enjoying it in a dream, then woke up. 🤣

  3. Posted by penelopejaneh0501, — Reply

    "Ahh. That feels so good. WAIT WHO ARE YOU??" Lol {} Edit: Omg 20+ likes?? Thank you!!! 🤩

  4. Posted by wreckinkreu, — Reply

    He will be back.Every one likes a good massage.

  5. Posted by silentmoon2002, — Reply

    You'd react the same way if some random stranger started petting your hair

  6. Posted by altay7370, — Reply

    you had the chance to use hoo tf are you and you just threw it away?

  7. Posted by nonamehoe4806, — Reply

    When someone's being nice to me and then I see who their mates are.

  8. Posted by dikhurana, — Reply

    maan she looks like she had a heart attack after seeing the human touched him

  9. Posted by rebguard, — Reply

    When you wake up next to not your girlfriend😳

  10. Posted by cearfquake, — Reply

    The captions are so spot on 😂😂😂😂

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